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Located inside Sweet Strings Music in Historic Bell Buckle, TN

Full Service Stringed Instrument Repair

Guitar repairs, set-ups, string changes, electronics work, modifications, aging, and custom built guitars.



12 - 4:30p
10 - 4:30p
10 - 4:30p
10 - 4:30p
10 - 4:30p
10 - 4:30p

Guitar Workshop Classes

Announcing our guitar setup workshops!

No events at the moment



String Changes & Full Set-Ups

Exceeding Expectations

We've taken the guess work out of your guitar's pliability. Choose one of our custom tiered set-ups to get your aXe the way you want it!


Starting at $50

red strat.jpg

Electronic Installs

Satisfaction Guaranteed

From new pickup installs, crackling pots, and connectivity issues The Axe Bench has you covered! Our price includes up to 2 pickups, including removal of previous pickups and installation, connection of new.

Starting at $49.95


Fret Work

Committed to Quality

Leave this type of craftsmanship to us! From popped frets to completely worn out. We'll evaluate your concerns and stay within your budget without compromising quality.  

Starting at $195

String Joy, MusicNomad, WD MUSIC, All Parts Dealer


        Satisfaction          Guaranteed 

SK-LS-Brian Stanley The Axe Bench -FF R Y G.png

We Service ALL Major Brands



Rocker to Luthier


I’ll never forget the day my father agreed to take me down to the local guitar shop to look at buying me my first guitar. I was alive with excitement because I was going to play in a famous band and tour the world!! You can read all about that in my book, “Well That Never Happened,” which also never happened... I did however get the chance to play in several bands with a bunch of talented people, had a blast playing, and music, especially guitars, have been a major part of my life ever since.
I started The Axe Bench because as a guitarist for over 20 years I never had a personal guitar tech. Like I said, I was in a band but we never made it to the status of, hey let me check in with my tech. So, for years I strutted along never taking my axe to a professional until I sent it in to a repair tech in Nashville because of some buzzing issues. I still remember getting my guitar back and feeling what a difference it made! I was blown away how it affected everything from playability including my sound. That sparked a passion in me and I wanted to know everything there was to know about guitars and how they worked. I began self-learning then I was fortunate enough to have some guidance from professionals which lead me to do small repairs for friends and friends of friends. One thing lead to another and I began studying Guitar Craft at Musicians Institute Guitar Craft Academy where I studied under Steve Mather of Fender Custom Shop, Derek Ness of Eastside Music Supply and many other professional luthiers. This passion of mine with my experience and knowledge base prompted me to start The Axe Bench.
The Axe Bench exists because we are passionate about guitars and the desire to provide personal service to every client. We understand the struggles of every musician out there especially in this market and you should never think well I would have a tech, if I could afford one. Well now you can! And you should have a guitar guy, The Axe Bench! The bench provides tailored guitar repairs, maintenance, customizations and unique builds that fit your needs. I want to take this time to thank you for stopping by and if there’s anything we can do for your guitar needs please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or call.


Thanks for your interest in The Axe Bench LLC. For more information about our Repair Services or the products we offer, get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you.



7 Webb St E Bell Buckle, TN 37020



(615) 796-6163

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